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Paloma Montessori School embodies beautiful, inviting, and thoughtfully arranged communities. It embraces each element of Maria Montessori’s revolutionary approach. Natural lighting, soft colors, and uncluttered spaces set the stage for activity that is focused and calm. Learning materials are displayed on accessible shelves, fostering independence as students go about their work. Everything is where it is supposed to be, conveying a sense of harmony and order that both comforts and inspires. In this safe and empowering environment, students find joy in learning

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Young Children’s Community is a home away from home for children ages 18 months to 3 years. The environment is carefully prepared and designed to meet the independent and curious nature of toddlers. It allows young children to freely explore in a beautiful learning environment that is just their size. Each student in YCC has the opportunity to: 

  • Strengthen language skills

  • Refine gross and fine motor skills

  • Develop independence and confidence

  • Practice social skills with peers 

  • Develop skills to care for others and the environment 

  • Explore music, art and literature 

Independence is fostered by allowing the child to choose from a variety of Montessori work that he or she can accomplish with success. The daily practice of these activities enhances the child’s ability to communicate with confidence, move with grace, and develop self-reliance. Each school day includes Spanish, gardening and outside time in our serene outdoor play space.


3 - 6 YEARS

Children’s House is designed to meet the ever changing needs of 3 - 6 year olds. Beauty and order play important roles in creating the child size atmosphere which is carefully designed to encourage curiosity and a love for learning. Each student will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop a solid academic foundation and desire for lifelong learning

  • Encourage independent decision making and problem solving skills

  • To become an integral member of the classroom community

  • Develop positive social, emotional and physical growth in a respectful environment

Children learn to maneuver about their community with confidence, exploring concepts in arithmetic, reading, writing, geography, science and activities of daily life such as preparing their own snack or washing dishes. Children learn skills in grace and courtesy, naturally caring and teaching each other, respecting the classroom environment and learning to clean up after themselves. Each school day includes Spanish, gardening and outside time in our serene outdoor play space.

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 125 W McCarty Lane San Marcos, Tx 78666


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